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Memory: An Open Residency with Water School

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keywords: water, remembering, memories, memory-making and memory-keeping, stories, histories, dreams, plants, spacetimes, resistance, the moon, family (including pets), roots, land, home, affordable housing, homelessness, ancestors, ecological thinking

MEMORY is inspired by Cy X’ “Water as Technology Open Residency” which took place during the spring of 2022. At the end of our time together they welcomed people to start their own open residencies, and so through this residency model, Water School joins Shared Body in exploring water, this time as the element relates to memory. During the month of April, there will be a series of online presentations and workshops by a number of speakers, asynchronous activities, and space for residents to propose and organize their own activations.

The residency is free and open to all.

This Open Residency is intentionally designed with the template Cy created. Water School acknowledges and uplifts Cy's creativity and labor in creating, sharing and facilitating this open residency model last year. We are also creating this space with the Re-Imagining Education Conference in mind (who are also focusing on water this April), incorporating their example of inquiry, space-making and collective learning. 

Welcome Text by Cy X

“We are all bodies of water carrying the memory of all that we encounter and everything and everyone we have been. When I remember, I allow a spell to greet my inner being, transforming everything that touches me, inside.” → Read More

image by Ize Commers

Learn more about Cy:

Open Residency

“This is an experiment, a reaching toward, an imperfect action, and yet a manifestation and a spell. There will be magic in the information. As Shared Body’s first residency it will shift, grow, change like water. What can emerge in this fluid space?” - Cy’s Open Residency description

Read the full description of Shared Body’s first residency. These words say it all, guiding Water School’s experiment with an open residency, remembering Water as Technology, which had people from around the country and the world sign up and come together to explore, connect and respond to various workshop topics and prompts. Memory is a similar experiment with a different focus - which is to co-create a rich space of exchange, learning, remembering, memory-making and creative sharing as it relates to water, memory and other keywords (see above). We love and acknowledge all of the elements! 

Funding for this Open Residency is supported by each person who donated to Water’s School’s ongoing GoFundMe Campaign, which is currently accepting financial support.

Thanks so much for catalyzing the first event of 2023!

What To Expect
COMMUNITY VALUES:  By participating in this open residency, you are agreeing to co-create a space of respect, care and meaningful exchange.  

ACCESSIBILITY: How can we collectively make a space accessible? Is it possible that we as artist residents can become access doulas, to whatever degree, in order to midwife an accessible space together, learning more about Access Intimacy and Disability Justice in the process?

OPEN CALENDAR: A group of artists, writers, growers, herbalists, creative technologists, media makers, water workers and dreamers have been invited to share presentations, interactive workshops and asynchronous activities around the theme of memory, but anyone is invited to host their own activations (readings, conversations, performances, dreaming ect) during the month of April. Water School can provide a Zoom room :)

CO-GENERATED SPACE: What does it mean to generate an experience together? How do we bring this open residency to life? We encourage active participation on Mighty Networks and Discord, as well as resting and doing nothing!

FLUID PARTICIPATION: Please participate in a way that feels good!
COLLABORATIVE ZINE: At the end of the residency we will gather contributions (notes, writing, visual art, research, resources ect) from Water as Technology and Memory in a collective zine made in collaboration with SunDogs Studio, an independent micropress publisher and production company.

Become a Resident

The Interest Form is a space to share more about yourself, why you are interested in the Open Residency, what you would like to contribute/share, and any accessibility needs. Once you fill it out, you will receive a group email on what to do next.