SHARED BODY is a web of embodied technologies based in New York, online, and beyond.

Founded by Cy X.




key words: kink, bdsm, ecology, eros, thanatos, munch, flirt, sex education, glory, glory holes, hand hole, pleasure, gushing

You’re invited to eros studies, an intimate gathering: part educational series, part munch*, part oral history but mainly a series of mostly horizontal conversations that invite collective exploration into the realms of ecology, sexuality, kink, and BDSM organized by Cy X.

The first iteration of eros studies goes deep into the chaos, intrigue, and possibilities of the glory hole and pleasure through the hands with our guest Ize Commers.

Ize is an image-maker interested in shadow-experiencing and memory construction as acts of care and survival strategy. Their process prioritizes somatic presence and togetherness, looking alongside human and other-than-human kin in the creation of elsewhere.

We will begin with a screening of Ize Commers’ “hand hole” (installed at Hex House’s 1st Year Birthday Party), move into a short opening conversation between Cy and Ize, and then spend the rest of the time amongst the group.

Still from Ize Commers’ “Hand Hole” (2023)

How might the design of the glory hole and its embedded rituals of dissociation and depersonalization lend themselves to new erotic configurations? Can dissociative tendencies be used to create space to be more present with sensation? What role does communication play in establishing agreements within erotic encounters that involve distance and anonymity? What are the glory holes that we encounter in our every day?

There will be curated herbal beverages, open conversations, and a hand hole somatic practice to invite more of the body into conversation. . . it is not enough to just *talk* about holes…

Come flirt, learn, dream, fantasize, meet a new friend, share your thoughts on holes, and see glory holes in real life.

This space is for and centers queer and trans folks and our erotic expressions <3 all are welcum who respect this. Tickets are limited in order to maintain a smaller group dynamic with higher priced options for a paypig or any gender zaddy who wants to support the mission and this space.

Event is located in East Williamsburg on the first floor of a building with no stairs.


  • How many holes do you have?
  • What are your associations with glory holes? How have you learned about them or is this your first time?
  • Have you had any experiences where your sense of sight was temporarily taken away or obscured? Did it open up the possibility for sensations that might not be accessible otherwise?
  • What agreements might you want to set if you were to use a glory hole? How might you imagine setting them through a hole and with your body?

“Hand Hole” Video Description

“Hand Hole” was installed at Hex House’s Birthday Party in the formerly wood shop transformed into chill hangout spot. Back amongst the edges of the fabric, lived the most glorious handhole. The handhole is a constructed box with two imperfect circles on both ends of the box. This is where the hands go in. One of the sides of the box is removed. This is where Ize sat with their handheld camera, documenting the sacred perversions of curious handholders.

Inside the constructed box was a rock covered in vaseline, an aloe plant, pink flowers, and other things. The inside was also partially covered in mylar.

“Hand hole” sat on a table and there were two chairs at each end of the holes. Most attendees sat at the table and placed their arm into the holes, exploring the surprise objects inside and the hand of their partners. Most people seemed to know each other or intentionally came to the “hand hole” together. The footage was edited into a 35:08 video that was displayed on screen and on loop for eros studies.

Herbal Beverages

  • Marshmallow + Lemon Cold Infusion: Marshmallow leaf and root were both used to create a cold infusion. It is moistening to the tissue, slightly sweet, and gets extremely muciliganious which made it a perfect addition to drink after all of the smoke from the canadian wildfires and for our holes. We want our holes to be lubricated! If you’re ever dealing with a dry throat or dry vagina or any situation where additional moisture is needed, this is your friend.
  • Linden Herbal Tea: Linden grows all of Brooklyn, especially in Bushwick. You can find this tree lining the blocks of many sidewalks and by Irving Square Park. When in bloom, it smells delicious! Linden is also slightly moistening, although not as much as Marshmallow. It is a nervine helping bring relaxation to the nervous system and is an amazing ally for matters of the heart and for grief. If you’re feeling anxious about your holes or want something sweet and loving to drink before exploring anonymous / higher risk play this could bring about a gentle ease into your day.

The Many Glory Holes

The Code of Conduct

✿ Consent is mandatory, we have zero tolerance for harassment, and confidentiality is key.
✿ We welcome agreements and communication that center mutual respect, care, and curiosity.
✿ Fluid participation is welcome and in the name of self-responsibility, we ask that everyone assess their availability to engage with work and conversation that is erotic in nature; Although we are getting poetic about holes, we will not be de-sexualizing them
✿ This space is for and centers queer and trans folks and our erotic expressions, although all are welcome. Mutual respect also means asking people how they want to be addressed instead of assuming their pronouns based on their outward appearance.
✿We co-create this cauldron by paying attention to each person, and to the group as a whole
✿No fixing or advising or setting each other straight. You don’t need to jutify or explain your emotions
✿Yes, No, Maybe and I changed my mind are all welcome responses. You are your own authority. ✿Take responsibility for self-care. If you agree to do something, it’s not a contract. You can change your mind at any time and choose whether or not to participate in any exercise.